5 Best Pest Control Companies

5 Best Pest Control Companies

how to get rid of ants and mice

Quick and Easy Hacks for Getting Rid of Ants and mice


Ants and mice are a problem in modern society. They’re everywhere and their population is on the rise. While it might seem that ants and mice cannot be defeated, the truth is that these insects can be contained. Let’s check out how you can stop ants and mice in their tracks or at least reduce their numbers.

The number one thing you should do to get rid of ants and mice is to clean a room completely out. The reason why you need to clean is to eliminate the bug’s hiding spot. Most ants and mice hide in dark places where most people generally do not see them. Completely removing items from a room will expose the bugs and help you to eliminate more of them. By the way, being dirty is not a precursor to getting ants and mice. Ants and mice can hide easier within a dirty environment, but they are not attracted to filth.

Diatomaceous earth is one of the best secret weapons in the war against ants and mice. This is a powdery organic substance that literally cuts up a bed bug body as they crawl through it. This substance does make a powdery mess in the home, but it is very effective. You will have to empty out rooms and sacrifice your home’s comfort and appearance; but your bed bug population will near zero or completely be degraded. Heat treatments, insecticides, specialized vacuums, washing and drying clothing and special bed covers are other options that you can use to get rid of ants and mice.